Unimog 404 Rope Seals - 6MM and 8MM

The Unimog 404 will have either a 6MM Rope Seal, or an 8MM Rope Seal.  Easiest way to tell is to measure the WIDTH of the groove in the oil pan.


Please note, the rope seal is "Staked" so it is impossible to rotate the seal into place as is common with some other vehicles.  To officially do the job correctly, the crank must be dropped to give enough clearance to install.


There is an "un-official" method that we think gives about a 50-60% success rate and does not require the removal of the crank.  You can replace only the bottom half of the seal.

  1. Remove the Oil Pan. 
  2. Trim the seal in the block slightly proud with the flange of the block.  (+1/16th")
  3. Install the New seal in the Oil Pan.  Trim the seal in the oil pan about 1/16th of an inch high.
  4. Re-install the oil pan.  The added seal compresses where the oil pan meets the block.

Please note this is something we would consider a short term fix.

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