EICSB110 – Spring Cup

EICSB110 – Spring Cup

The Problem: Self Explanatory

The Solution: Replacement of cups, rubber gasket, and centering ring. Project time start to finish (not including coil spring treatment and paint) Approximately 2 hours. Of note, the factory spring compressor kit is the ideal tool to use on this project.

Tip: Use the Pinz jack to compress, and to remove tension on the spring compressor tool. Its a lot of up and down with the outer hub assembly, but your spring compressor will thank you. Directions:

  • 1. Set E-brake.
  • 2. Jack center of vehicle. (Floor Jack) Follow proper procedure.
  • 3. Remove Wheel
  • 4. Using Pinzgauer jack, jack up outer drum assembly.
  • 5. Remove bottom shock bolt.
  • 6. Remove bottom limiting strap bolt.
  • 7. Gently lower jack assembly until coil is elongated.
  • 8. Install spring compressor arms. You may need to use a lever to make enough room to work the arms around until they are 180 degrees apart. The arms hit the body, so you need to lever between the body and the top of the coil to make the room.
  • 9. Using the Pinzgauer jack, raise the drum assembly until the coil is compressed.
  • 10. Install the bottom plates of the spring compressor, and tighten the compressor arms.
  • 11. Lower the outer drum assembly. The coil spring will fall free and can be removed.
  • 12. Pull out coil spring and puller and take to bench. Alternate unscrewing the spring compressor arms. Back and Forth until all tension is removed. Remove compressor.
  • 13. Remove the old spring cups. (Know is the time to remove the rust and scale, treat, and paint the coil.)
  • 14. Install the new spring cups, gasket, centering ring in the coil.
  • 15. Put the compressor back on the coil and do the reverse of number 12, compressing the spring by alternating on the arms of the compressor. (Tip: air tools are your friend.)
  • 16. Install the spring back onto it’s pin. Use the jack to raise the drum assembly and line up the top. Jack until coil is seated properly.
  • 17. With jack still holding drum up, remove the bottom plates of coil spring compressor, do not try and take out arms.
  • 18. Slowly lower jack until drum assembly is again hanging.
  • 19. Remove the spring arms, you may need to use the lever again to remove them.
  • 20. Line up the limiting strap (using jack) and the shock and install bolts.
  • 21. Remove Pinz jack and put on tire.
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