Axle Housing Bronze Bushing - 404, 406, 416 - Installation Notes

Bronze bushing notes......

This is a difficult one as I cannot find any direct reference to the 4063321050 Axle Bushing's "installation direction" being changed when this bushing superceeded the original bushing. However, for the last 15 years our workshop has installed the bushings from the "outside - In" and have never had a failure.

What is MUST "calibrate" the bushing as the calibration process helps to "flare" the bushing in place."

404 Repair Manual - #19 - "Calibrate installed sinter bushing with tool number 401 589 00 15 00 - Fig 33-2/10"
Of note - Fig 33-2/10 Clearly shows the old style "large shoulder" bushing being flaired from the inside out.

Tools Manual - 33B - Application 403, 404, 406, 411 etc.,etc.
Figure 33-0077 - Clearly shows a 404 knuckle with the new style bushing being installed/flared from the Inside Out.

Directly below this figure shows UR33-0630 - A 406/416 style axle with the bushing being installed from the Outside - In.

MB parts systems do NOT stipulate use of 1 bushing "up to" or "as of", they simply show a direct replacement - Old Style for New.

Why does EI install from the Outside In?

#1 - The steering knuckle has a matching bevel perfectly machined at the same angle as the shoulder of the new bushing....From the outside.
#2 - Installed from the Outside in - it is Impossible for the bushing to come loose and work it's way into the axle housing as it is sandwiched between the shoulder and the seal.
#3 - When we install we use "bearing retainer" - Locktite for bearings.
#4 - After bushing install we run the "calibration tool" thru from the outside in.
#5 - If you examine the bushing there is a slight shoulder inside the bushing at the end opposite of the exterior shoulder.. I believe that is designed to capture gear oil and help to work it into the sintered brass. This would only work if it is installed with the shoulder on the outside of the knuckle.

Some pictures and notes below.
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In regards to the "calibration tool"

401 589 00 15 00 Replaced by 406 589 02 15 00

One heavy very precisely machined tool. This tool is tapered and gets larger as it pushes thru the bushing. I believe that this is one of the primary things that "locks" the bushing in place.
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