Tire Shipping FAQ

Tire Shipping FAQ

Your tires are going to ship to you via Truck Freight.  In most instances, the initial quote shown is the absolute worst case scenario.  We regularly adjust the freight rates DOWN from the quoted rate.  Please note that the truck freight calculated initially assumes a commercial location with dock or forklift.  If you need delivery to a residential address, proceed to checkout and select the proper freight options and "Refresh Rates" for the residential and lift gate rates. 

  1. Residential Delivery with a Lift Gate is the most expensive delivery option.  Have you considered having the tires delivered to the tire company that will be doing the install?  In most cases the tire shop is a commercial location with dock or forklift, hence a cheaper shipping option.
  2. Terminal Pickup - If you don't have a commercial location and or you are installing the tires yourself, the terminal pickup option is a viable solution.  After your order is placed we will call to verify the terminal location.  Once the tires arrive at the terminal simply show up with the PRO# and ID and you will receive your tires.
  3. In some instances we are able to arrange for Will Call pickup direct at the Continental warehouse.  Currently Continental distributes the MPT line of tires from warehouses in Redlands California, Port Clinton Ohio, and Gainesville Georgia.  If you happen to be close to these locations we may be able to work out a local pickup.

Truck Freight Tracking is done with the PRO#.  Once your order ships you will receive an invoice with the PRO#.  Simply go to the selected carriers website and enter the PRO# to track your shipment.  In general shipping from West Coast to East Coast takes 5 business days.

We reserve the right to ship with any carrier that WE choose.  Regardless of the carrier, the rate will never exceed what was quoted/purchased, even though it might ship with a different carrier.

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