EICSB108 – Wheel Seal Replacement

EICSB108 – Wheel Seal Replacement

Not stopping on a dime anymore? Need the seals replaced? With the proper tools and a little time your truck can be back to new.

  • 1. Put the vehicle on blocks.
  • 2. Remove the Wheels
  • 3. Remove the Drums. (Use 2 metric bolts and the threaded holes to press the drum off.)
  • 4. Remove the tension pin and spring retainer on each brake shoe. (I use two pairs of pointy nose pliers, one holds the spring retainer, the other turns the tension pin 90 degrees)
  • 5. Remove the brake shoes and all hardware. (If you do not have brake spring pliers, pull each brake shoe out and over the wheel cylinder and relieve the tension on the springs prior to dis-connecting them.)
  • 6. Unscrew the brake line from the wheel cylinder. (I usually remove the bleeder valve to get more clearance to remove the brake line.)
  • 7. Remove the 12 bolts that hold the backing plate/gear drive assembly. (Their is a cutout in the wheel flange that allows direct access to each bolt using an extension.)
  • 8. Remove the Wheel Cylinder (s). I found it much easier to remove the wheel cylinder at this stage than when the assembly was still on the vehicle. Refurbish the wheel cylinders. Do not hone the cylinders. If the cylinders are pitted I have used White Post Restorations and have had them sleeved. This projects wheel cylinders where in great shape.
  • 9. Remove the main gear. I used a specialty puller that removed the gear with ease.
  • 10. Press out the wheel flange from the bearings.
  • 11. Replace the O-Ring and the Seal before re-assembly in reverse order.
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