EICSB116 – Reverse Light Switch Install

EICSB116 – Reverse Light Switch Install

Installing Reverse Light Switch Into Transmission

Installation can be accomplished from under the vehicle, but it is considerably easier if you remove the transmission floor plate and install from above.

Remove the plug above and to the right of the transmission output shaft.

Remove the old style plunger. I have seen this plunger slide out very easily. I have also seen this plunger need to be removed with a small slide hammer! If the plunger is worn it may require removal with a pair of visegrips. Verify that the circlip is still installed on the old plunger.

Install the new plunger supplied in the kit. The “flared” end is out and will engage the switch. Screw in the switch making sure to use the new crush washer supplied in the kit. Do not overtighten, just good and snug.

Install the wiring plug. Again snug down, do not overtighten.

Wiring Overview

Simple as can be. In the existing wiring loom is a pink wire that is unused. It runs from the taillights to the Headlight Switch. We use this wire for the reverse lights.

Remove the pink wire from the headlight switch, and connect it to (+) keyed power at the ignition switch.

Beside the fuel tank, just before the wiring loom goes into the steel tube that runs it past the drive shaft, carefully open the loom and pull out the pink wire. Using a weatherpack connector, splice the pink wire to the reverse switch.

In a nutshell, you are sending (+) down the Pink wire to the tail lights. You are splicing that Pink wire at the transmission so that the connection is only made when the transmission switch is shifted into reverse.

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