EICSB114 – TD Taillight Install

EICSB114 – TD Taillight Install

We highly reccomend installation of the TD Tail Light Kit for better visibility as well as being able to integrate your backup lights. Your stock lights use the same feed for both the Brake Lights, and the Turn Signals. The TD lights can be installed in the exact same fashion as the original lights, or with a little work the 2 circuits can be separated. This service bulletin outlines our preferred method for installation of the TD tail lights separating the turn and brake circuits.

Our TD Tail Light kit includes the following items

  • 2 TD Tail Lights – Modified with Longer Mounting Studs
  • 2 Rubber Spacers to Clear the Pinz Door Opening
  • 8 x 21W – 24V Bulbs
  • 2 x 5W – 24V Bulbs
  • Spade Terminals, ground wires, instructions

Mounting TD Taillights

  • Remove existing tail lights.
  • Cut off the “cone” shaped sheetmetal on the backside of the tail panel. (Drivers Side – One of the TD studs will be mounted right under this cone.) We use a cutoff wheel.
  • If equipped, remove the aux. 24V radio socket from tail panel. (Drivers Side)
  • Mark your mounting holes carfeully as their is not a lot of adjustment. Drill a 3/8″ hole for each mounting stud.
  • Drill a 1/2″ hole in the tail panel directly behind where the tail light wires will enter the taillight housing. (this is different between right and left.)
  • Install Grommet supplied with the kit.
  • Pull the wires through the Grommett in the tail panel, and through the grommett in the tail light. (Astroglide works really well to help pull the wires through…get your mind out of the gutter.)
  • Mount the TD Taillights using the enclosed spacers.

Separating the Turn and Brake Signals

Your current pinzgauer combines both the turn signal and the brake lights into the same circuit. With the TD taillights we can separate this circuit so that you have both the Turn Signal and the Brake Light simultaneously.

Fortunately the Swiss Wiring Harness has an unused orange wire in the main harness that runs from the main harness termianl to the rear trailer plug where it “T”s and goes to both rear tail lights. This wire will become our Brake Light Circuit.

Before working under your dash, disconnect the battery switch

  • Remove the emergency flasher from under the dash. (Lower left dash board next to auxilliary circuit. The Knob unscrews and the retainer can be removed, then pull the switch down.)
  • Disconnect the 2 Orange wires (1 spade) from the back of the switch.
  • Connect a jumper from the 2 orange wires at switch to the Orange Wire that terminated in the harness at the plug.

Trouble Note: We have seen a large number of trucks where the Orange wires in the trailer plug were disconnected. If you do not have conductivity on the orange wire – CHECK THE TRAILER PLUG.

Ground Wires, Reverse Lights, License Plate Light

Ground Wires

Your new TD taillights will need to have a separate ground wire run out of the housing to chassis ground in order to function properly. Run this additional wire along with your reverse light wires (if so equipping) back to the tail light plug and to ground.

An alternative is simply to run the gound to one of the tail panel mounting bolts and use a ring terminal and tooth lock washer.

Reverse Lights

If so equipped, you will need to run your reverse light wires into the main wiring loom. For additional installation of the reverse light switch see the reverse switch installation instructions.

License Plate Light

On the drivers side do not forget to pull the wire running up to the license plate lights in with the wiring harness. It will be connected into the running light circuit inside the new TD taillight.

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