EICSB104 – Pertronix Troubleshooting

EICSB104 – Pertronix Troubleshooting

These are the most common problems that we see on installation of the PZ141, UM161 (Pertronix Ignitor)

  • #1 – Magnetic Ring not fully seated. The top of the magnetic ring should be flush with the top of the inductive pickup. Depending upon the sizing of the lobes of your distributor shaft, the ring may need considerable force to be seated. It is not uncommon in our shop to take a deep socket, place it over the ring, and give it a good “Whack” with the palm of your hand (make sure you have aligned the lobes first).
  • #2 – Distance between magnetic ring and inductive pickup too Large. As we are seeing variances in the point plates of the distributors, it is sometimes necessary to “adjust” the alignment of these two pieces. Rule of thumb, we like to see no more than a 1/16th of an inch between the ring and the side of the pickup (Black Box).
    • Adjustment Method #1 – Loosen the securing screw for the inductive pickup plate. Using a small flat blade screwdriver inserted between the pickup plate and the distributor housing, lever the pickup plate towards the magnetic ring. While holding tension, tighten securing screw.
    • Adjustment Method #2 – Try method #1 before proceeding to this method. Remove the Pertronix base plate, and inductive plate from the distributor. Using a drill bit, SLIGHTLY oversize the Securing Screw Hole in both plates. Re-install setting the tolerance between the ring and pickup (This method does not affect the operation of the Pertronix in any way).
  • #3 – Rotor not fully seating on distributor shaft. Rotor not shortened, bottom of rotor bottoming out on magnetic ring. Go Back and follow the directions in the install to shorten the rotor.
  • #4 – Black wire accidentally attached to 24V side of coil. Expect a burned bubble out the side of the inductive pickup. No fix for this problem. Buy a new unit. It is critical that 24V NEVER be touched to the Negative (Black Wire).

Hopefully you have already watched the installation video, but if not this is a good starting point to make sure your installation is correct.

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