EICSB113 – Jacks Parts System Interpretation

EICSB113 – Jacks Parts System Interpretation

The Unimog is unique in that it is truly a custom vehicle. From the very beginning there have always been a large number of special options available to the buyer. This has created a very unusual parts system.

For each model of Unimog there is a basic version which includes a limited range of standard equipment: 4 wheels, a frame, a cab, and a motor. The basic type (B.M.) is identified by the first portion of the chassis number.


  • 406.121 Indicates a U900 with a closed steel cab
  • 406.120 Indicates a U900 with an open cab (soft top
  • 424.122 Indicates a U1200 with a closed steel cab

The next pair of digits indicates drive/type of transmission.


  • 10 Indicates LH drive with a manual transmission
  • 20 Indicates RH drive with a manual transmission
  • 406.121.10 Tells us that the Unimog is a U900 with a closed steel cab. It has a manual transmission and is left hand drive.
  • 424.122.20 Tells us that the Unimog is a U1200 with a closed steel cab, a manual transmission, and a right hand drive (probably intended for street sweeper use only).
  • 12 Indicates LH drive cab/chassis unit. This was used on Unimogs furnished to J.I. Case where Case was subsequently installing their own rear platform/deck assembly.

The balance of the chassis number is the actual serial number. The entire number would read: 424.122.10.123456. This number can be found permanently stamped into the right front frame rail on all Unimogs. This is also known as the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

In 1984 Daimler-Benz became part of the world manufacturers who agreed on the new 17 digit VIN system. Since that time chassis numbers are formatted starting with the letters WDB (indicating manufacture by Daimler-Benz in Germany) and the letter W in position 11. Thus, the contemporary number would read:

WDB 424 122 1W 123456

The chassis number is always required when ordering parts. It is how all of the information on installed special options for each Unimog is identified. This is why the Data Card is so important.

The two most common Unimog versions in the United States are the U900 and the type 424, U1200. The U900 was imported and distributed by the J.I Case Corporation from 1975-1980 and sold as the Case MB 4/94. The Case U-900s have a rear deck, roll bar, and FOPs which were manufactured by J.I. Case. There are no new parts available for these Case supplied items.

The U1200 was imported by various sources and sold in the U.S. You will encounter U1200s with a fixed cargo deck and side boards that were built by an Austrian vendor. New parts for this system (Maier Platform) are no longer available from DCAG.

In the early 1980s DCAG switched to a new engine version. You will encounter U1200s (version 424.122) with both the OM352, 6 cylinder 5.8I diesel, and the later OM366, 6 cylinder 5.9I diesel. When ordering spare parts we must know which engine version is in the Unimog.

Parts Books: There are no parts books as we know them in North America. There have been various parts books produced for certain contracts: i.e. J.I. Case printed a conventional parts book for the Military version of the U900. Freightliner has printed a parts book for the Military version of the U900 (the SEE tractor). These are only valid for the specific Unimog version and at a given moment in time.

The factory provides “parts booklets” with each new chassis. These are 5″ x 8″ paperback sets of illustrations that cover the basic unit.There are 3 booklets: one for the motor, one for the cab, and one for the chassis. These are intended for an owner to use as reference when talking to the parts specifier always with his chassis number.

Detailed parts information is available on Micro Fiche and CD-ROM. It is organized by Unimog model and major component type. For example, with a typical J.I. Case vintage U900 you would need the following fiche to look up all the parts for the basic version:

  • Unimog U900 Chassis Fiche (2 separate fiche)
  • OM352 Engine Fiche
  • 406.821 Cab Fiche
  • Transmission Fiche
  • Axle Fiche

The parts are organized by a “Group” system unique to Daimler-Benz. This is a numeric system where various systems are assigned a 2 digit designation identifying the general system. The Daimler Chrysler Parts Group system is as follows:

Engine Groups

  • 01. Engine Parts Non-Moving: crankcase, oil pan, cylinder head, valve, cover, camshaft bearings, piston cooling oil spray nozzles, and injection nozzles (see also groups 01 and 07 for injection nozzles).
  • 03. Engine Parts Moving: crankshaft, connecting rods, all bearings, pistons, flywheel, ring gear, pilot bearing, vibration dampner, crankshaft pulley, and crankshaft gear.
  • 05. Engine Timing: camshaft, campshaft gear, valves, valve springs, push rods, tappets, rocker arms, and shaft.
  • 07. Injection Pump: injection pump, fuel pump, governor, hand primer and pump, injection timing device, fuel delivery lines, injectors, nozzles, fuel hoses, fuel return lines, and injection pump linkage.
  • 09. Fuel Filter / Air Filter / Turbo Charger: fuel filter, air filter, turbocharger (if applicable), and intake pipes.
  • 13. Air Compressor: camshaft driven and belt driven standard air compressors.
  • 14. Manifolds, Intake, and Exhaust:
  • 15. Electrical Equipment: starter, and alternator (see also groups 18 and 54).
  • 18. Engine Lubrication: oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler, lines, oil pressure, and sending unit.
  • 20. Engine Cooling System: water pump, fan, thermostat, pipes, fan belts, and pulley.
  • 22. Engine Mounts: engine portion of motor mounts.

Chassis Groups

  • 24. Engine / Transmissions Mounts: chassis portion of motor mounts, weldments, bolts, brackets and supports.
  • 25. Clutch: clutch assembly, bell housing, and slave cylinder.
  • 26. Transmission: transmission assy., PTOs, and transfer case (see also separate transmission microfiche).
  • 29. Pedals: clutch, brake pedals and supports, clutch master cylinder and clutch hydraulic lines.
  • 30. Accelerator: foot pedal, hand throttle, and throttle control linkages.
  • 31. Frame: main chassis frame, weldments, bolts, and hardware
  • 32. Springs and Suspension: springs, shock absorbers, and hardware.
  • 33. Front Axle: axle assembly, control arm, and torque tube (see also separate front axle microfiche).
  • 35. Rear Axle: axle assembly, control arm, and toruque tube (see also separate rear axle microfiche).
  • 40. Wheels:
  • 42. Brake System: brakes, hydraulic and pneumatic sections, lines, reservoirs, master cylinder, differential lock control valve, and parking brake cables (see also separate axle microfiche).
  • 46. Steering: manual and power steering, pump, steering box, reservior, filters, lines, pittman arm, etc., (see also separate front axle microfiche).
  • 47. Fuel Tank: tank, support brackets, fuel strainer, pre-filters, fuel lines, sender, and fittings.
  • 49. Exhaust System: exhaust pipe, gasket to manifold outlet, muffler, brackets, and hardware.
  • 50. Radiator: radiator, water hoses, expansion tank, lines, and fittings.
  • 52. Chassis Sheet Metal: front protection plates.
  • 54. Electrical Equipment: instruments, lights, battery box, cable, wiring harnesses, fuses, switches, speedometer drive and adaptor, voltage regulator, brake light switch, etc.
  • 55. Hydraulic Equipment: hydraulic system, and implement mountings.
  • 58. Tools and Accessories: standard hand tools, hydraulic jack, air hose, and wheel chock.
  • 60. Platform: rear platform, and sub structure for dump cylinder.

Cab / Body Groups

  • 60. Cab Assembly:
  • 61. Cab Superstructure:
  • 62. Body Sheet Metal Panels: front quarter panels, cowl, grill, pillars, and bracing.
  • 64. Rear Panel:
  • 65. Roof: metal roof panel.
  • 67. Windows: windshield, rear windows, and window seals.
  • 68. Covering/lining: transmission rubber cover, cover for IP, and floor mats.
  • 69. Lining: head liner, interior moldings, and fasteners.
  • 72. Doors: doors, door trim, locks, door windows, weatherstrip, and hardware.
  • 75. Hood: hood, latches, catch, prop, fittings, and hood key.
  • 77. Folding Top: canvas top for open cab models.
  • 81. Accessories: mirrors, badges, trim, MB Star emblem, and sun visors.
  • 82. Electrical Equipment, Cab: windshield wipers, all front lights, and dome light.
  • 86. Windshield Washer, Seatbelts:
  • 88. Cab Engine Cover: dog house, mud flaps, and front fenders.
  • 89. Mounts: cab body mounts, and hardware.
  • 91. Seats: seats, cushions, seat covers, mountings for driver, and co-driver.




Regular DaimlerChrysler Part Numbers

This group system is also used to assign part numbers to an individual component. The DaimlerChrysler regular part numbers are composed of the following segements:

Type Main Group Sub Group Modification Part No.

406 40 1 11 01

Order of numerical sequence (hierarchy) is:

1st: Main and sub group numbers

2nd: Part number (sequential)

3rd: Type

4th: Modification

Thus, the above part number 406 401 11 01, Rim 11 x 20 breaks down as follows:

1st: 401 – Identifies this item as part of Group 40: Wheels. The sub group number 1 indicates that this is part of the first sub group.

2nd: 01 – Indicates this is the first part with this number.

3rd: 406 – Part was first used on the Unimog type 406, and is common to the range of models (403,413,406,416).

4th: 11 – This is the eleventh version of this part.

D.I.N. Part Numbers;

The German DIN can be thought of as similar to SAE. These items are identified with a 12 digit part number organized in 2 groups of 6 numerals each. As example: 000931 008217 identifies an 8 mm diameter bolt, conforming to DIN type 931. This is a partially threaded, hex headed cap screw.

Anytime a part number for a DIN item starts with 000, it indicates that this is a standard hardware item.

There are over 600,000 lines of parts in the Unimog product range. Always check with the BTC DPG Unimog parts department if you are unsure about the correct part required.

Special Versions:

This is the term for the optional items installed on a Unimog. There are hundreds of different Special Versions. These are unique to each Unimog. The Special Version information is listed on the Data Card. If you do not have the Data Card, the information can be obtained from the factory with the Chassis Number.

The following is a listing of common (not all) special versions that will be encountered on the two most frequently seen Unimog models in the U.S.: The U900 as imported by J.I.Case, and the earlier type 424, U1200. The following listing is intended only as a “quick reference” chart.

The Special Versions (SA in German) are identified by a alpha numeric code number which identifies the Unimog component/group the SA belongs to. This code then identifies a specific SA microfiche that contains the applicable parts information, ie: Code A26, wheel covers are illustrated on SA 35 745. You would then read the application section of this SA to see which version applied to the Unimog you were looking up.

You always need to read the Special Version “application” list to see which exact type/version applies to the tractor you are working on.
Listed below are “common” SAs used on the U900 (type 406), and U1200 (type 424)–the two most common Unimog models in North America.

Code No. Description U900 S/A U1200 S/A

Group “A”, Axles (Achsen):

A10 Fast Axle Ratio 35 918 35 918

A11 Fast Axle Ratio 35 233 35 918

A13 Slow Axle Ratio 35 728 36 237

A14 Very Slow Axle Ratio 35 728 36 237

A25 Protective Cover Plates, Hardware for Brakes 35 745

A26 Wheel Covers (hub caps) 35 745 35 745

Group “B”, Brakes (Bremsen):

B05 Wheels, 9 x 20 for 10.5 x 20 tires, nuts, hub cap 35 599

B05 2 Circuit Disc Brakes, Lines, M/C, Reservoirs, Caps 35 620
Brake Lines, Air Tank, Brake Light Switch, Bracket
for Brake Pedal, Brake Hoses

B06 Two Circuit Drum Brakes, M/C Reservoirs, Lines, Hoses 35 425

B25 ALB Valve, Bracket, Linkage, 6mm, Tube, Hardware
Fittings for use with early version Disc Brakes 35 621

B25 ALB valve, bracket, linkage, 6mm, tube, hardware
fittings for use with later version disc brakes 35 931

B28 Emergency quick release for spring actuated parking
brakes, repair kits for brake canisters 35 966

B42 Two line trailer brakes, for use with drum brakes 35 381

B42 Two line trailer brakes, for use with disc brakes 35 382 35 885

B45 Combined one and two line trailer brakes 35 623 35 885
B–Front braking pressure control valve (drum brakes) 35 804

B71 Alchol injector for drum brakes 35 563

B71 Alchol injector for disc brakes 35 628 35 822

B76 Air dryer 36 401
36 699

Group “C”, Chassis (Chassis):

C03 Heavy duty frame 35 638

C13 Front spring rubber buffers for heavy implements 35 958

C15 Heavy front and rear spings for high loads 35 301

C27 Front axle stabilizer, torsion bar, mountings, kits 35 882

C28 Rear axle stabilizer, torsion bar, mountings, kits 35 565 35 882
(stabilizer with rear power lift see : 35 853

C65 Fuel tank increased to 120l, brackets, sending unit 35 480

Fuel tank increased to 130l, brackets, sending unit 35 480

C70 Removable fuel strainer in tank filler 35 038

C71 Lockable fuel cap, keys, gasket 35 273 35 273

C87 Vertical exhaust, exhaust pipes, support, heat shield 36 115
(uses standard muffler, see chassis microfiche.) 53 991

Group “D”, Mounting parts for implements (Anbau-Befestigungsteile):

D10 Implement attachment brackets front, hardware 35 237 35 886

D11 DIN front quick mounting plate, Size 3 35 799/02 35 795

D25 Lift cylinder bracket, supports, hardware 35 289

D47 Additional front weights (suitcase) 45 Kg, hardware 35 438 35 438

D50 Rear attachment brackets, pins, hardware 35 237 35 237

D60 Bearing brackets, left & right, mid frame, hardware 35 886 35 886

Group “E”, Electrical Equipment (Elektrik):

E04 24 Volt electrical system, alternator, starter, batteries 35 412

Cables, flasher, horn, wiper motor, heater motor 82 509

E35 Automatic circuit brealers in lieu of fuses 36 142

E4/55 Radio rough in, antenna, spoeakers and console 53 971
53 976

Group “F”, Cab (Fahrerhaus):

F03 Cab reinforced, holding fixturem mounts hardware 36 170

step w/ gussets, bracing rubber mounts 42 585

F42 Additional, diesel fired, heater, 12 V 35 479 53 990

F46 Dust free ventilation, filter in cab cowl 53 493

F47 Factory, roof mount, air conditioning (Behr) 35 914

F50 Additional sound & heat insulation 35 708 53 488
sound deadening floor mats 53 997
door panels with sound deadening 53 979

F60 Hydraulic cab tilt 35 705 35 990

F67 Protective plate for engine 36 167

F91 Cab parts eliminated (for folding top version) 35 419

F98 Elimination of heating & ventilation 35 397

Group “G”, Transmission (Getriebe):

G12 Additional gearbox (20 speed), from trans. # -010399 35 449
Transmission rubber covering 35 453

G20 Transmission with additional working gears (16 speed) 35 470
working gear assy. carrier, sun gear, follower, shaft, oil lines 35 736
Upper & lower shift lever, floor plate, boot for working gears 35 785

G20 Transmission with additional working gears (16 speed) 35 470
working gear assy. carrier, sun gear, follower, shaft, oil lines 35 736
Upper & lower shift lever, floor plate, boot for working gears 35 785

G30 Torque converter, 310 mm, ring gear 19 831 35 948
Oil supply, tank, hoses, cooler, lines, hardware 35 605
Clutch hsg, slave cylinder, drive shaft, T/O bearing 35 614

G45 Double clutch, pressure plate, discs, hardware 35 814 35 741
G60 Gear shift w/ 4 reverse speeds, 2 x 4 forward & PTO
( “F” transmission, up to Trans. # -010398) 35 321
( “G” transmission, from trans. # -01399 / disc brake) 35 451
G61 2 x 4 shifting plate w 4 reverse speeds, on-off
road operations, Transmission 717.801 35 451
Transmission covering 35 453

G79 3/2 way valve, air lines, fittings, repair kit for valve 36 048
Central air distribution, hoses, fittings, ferruls, banjo ftgs 36 083
T fitting, hollow screw 36 143
Air valve control in instrument panel 53 480

Group “H”, Hydraulics (Hydraulik):

(See also: Group “K”, Krafthydraulik. This Code was used for a time during the 1980s)

H06 Hydraulic system, pump, valves, reservior, hoses etc. 35 221

H30 Rear, Power lift (for agricultural hitch) 35 223

H40 Front, Power lift (for agricultural hitch) 35 636

H45 Hydraulic tipping cylindr for 3 way dump bed 35 241

H50 Two hydraulic connectors rear, lines, fittings etc 35 228

H62 Two hydraulic connections rear, w/separate return 35 228

H65 Third hydraulic delivery line, rear 35 415

H66 Fourth hydraulic connection, rear 35 604

H70 Two hydraulic plug connections, front 35 227

H71 Four hydraulic plug connections, front 35 227

Group “J” Instruments (Instrumente, Kontrollgerate):

J11 Speedometer MPH, 12v, cluster gauge etc. 35 282 35 912

J32 Electric tachometer, cables, wiring, 12v 35 247 35 775

J33 Warning system for oil pressure & water temp. 35 474

J34 Temperature regulator and warning light for use with

torque converter, lines, fittings 35 848

J47 Wheel position indicator, for use with snow blowers 35 790

J51 Air cleaner maintenance indicator warning in dash, 12v 36 058

J66 2WD,4WD, Differential lock control in dash 53 480

Group “K” Hydraulics (Krafthydraulik) (See also Group H):

K11 Shift plate (console) with covering plugs and expansion plugs 35 847

K11 One cell hydraulic system, pump, pulleys, bracket 40 liter
reservoir and filter, v-belts, control valve, control levers, hose
lines, tubing, fittings, brackets 35 852

K11 Hoses at valve mounting plate (shift console) 36 002

K14 Shift plate (console) with covering plugs and expansion plugs 35 847

K14 Four cell hydraulic system (same items as K11, different P/Ns) 35 852

K14 Hoses at valve mounting plate (shift console) 36 002

K31 Hydraulic power lift, rear (agricultural hitch) 35 853

K43 Tipping cylinder for dump bed 36 079

K51 Hydraulic connections, rear, circuit 1 36 080/01

K52 Hydraulic connections, rear, circuit 2 36 080/05

K53 Hydraulic connections, rear, circuit 3 36 080/03

K54 Hydraulic connections, rear, circuit 4 36 080/06

K59 Separate hydraulic return, rear 35 857/01

K60 Front power lift (agricultural hitch) 35 873

K71 Hydraulic connections, front, circuit 1 36 081/01

K72 Hydraulic connections, front, circuit 2 36 081/02
36 081/05

K73 Hydraulic connections, front, circuit 3 36 081/03

K74 Hydraulic connections, front, cicuit 4 36 081/06

K79 Separate hydraulic return, front 35 857/03

Group “L” Lighting (Leuchten):

L17 Headlight assy, harness etc for sealed beams 36 062
36 182

L20 Back up lamp assembly 35 105 35 876

L30 Headlight grilles for stone protection 35 424 35 770

L47 Additional high mounted headlamps 35 229 53 496

L58 Telescoping, rotating beacon left, switch, wiring, 35 941/09
mast, indicator light etc 53 963/01

L59 Telescoping, rotating beacon, left and right 35 941/10
switch, wiring, masts, indicator light etc. 53 963/02

L90 Elimination of tailamp assemblies. (with Maier platform) 36 182

Group “M” Motor (Motor):

M03 Air intake hoses, clamps for turbo charged engine 36 019

M03 4 hole camshaft air compressor, kits, parts 82 491/18 (Industrial microfiche now found on engine fiche)

M03 Air intake elbows, hose, hardware 83 028/03 (Industrial microfiche now found on engine fiche)

M19 Clutch start switch, cable, bracket etc 35 683 35 816

M22 Exhaust brake, manifold, linkage, repair kit 16 453/03 83 069

M22 Exhaust brake, linkage, pedal, switch 35 276/01 82 928

M22 Intermediate flange between starter and bell hsg 82 773

M22 Air valve, repri kit lines and fittings 35 810
53 499

M32 Additional air compressor 150 cm3 35 299

M36 Heavy duty alternator, 14v, 55a, harness 35 496

M50 Heavy duty cooling system 35 717

M52 Aluminum cooling fan, 6 bolts 18 296

M60 Air filter assy, dry, indicator, hardware 35 249

M64 Air cleaner assy, maintenance indicator in dash 36 058

M65 Vertical air intake on RH side of cab, cap, hardware 53 472

M66 Elevated air intake, duct, hardware, air cleaner cap 35 249

M91 Elimination of start pilot system. (for US units w/KBI) 35 881

Group “N” Power Take Offs (Nebenabtrieb / Sonderabtrieb):

N03 Transmission driven single speed PTO “G” Trans. 35 448/02

N04 Transmission+ engine driven 2 speed PTO 35 448/03

N07 2 speed engine driven PTO 35 448/10

N07 PTO Assy, beel housing, rear engine support, bolts 35 737
release levers, slave cylinders, guide sleeve for double
clutch, PTO neutral start switch

N07 Propellor shaft between engine & transmission 35 749

N07 PTO shaft selector valve w/fittings, air hose 10.0 x 8.00 mm
shift lever and selector lever with linkage, PTO safety start
switch, PTO control light in dash, 8.0 and 6.0 mm tubing 35 785

N07 Switch and bracket, cable connector, PTO declutching unit 35/816

N07 Clutch pedal, support for pedal, elimination of clutch spring 35 893
53 960

N16 Transmission 717.801 w/lower PTO & add l. gears 35 721
(See also codes Z98, additional SAs)

N16 Transmission Assy, fast PTO gear assy. switch for 35 925
shifting cylinder, drive shaft, output shaft

N16 Fast PTO control, 3/2 way valve, hose 6mm, fittings 35 957
instrument control light, electric cable and socket

N16 Central air distribution, air lines, 11 mm, 8 mm, distributor
fittings, ferrules, sleeves, union nuts, banjo fittings & screws 36 083

N20 Front PTO shaft, 1 3/8″, six spline 35 234/01

N22 Front PTO shaft 1 3/4″, six spline 35 234/02 35 877

N32 Rear PTO shaft, 1 3/8″, six spline 35 235/01

N37 Rear PTO shaft, 1 3/4″, six spline 35 235/02 35 878

N45 PTO Centralizer, bracket 1 3/4″, six spline 35 396

N65 Bracket for rear PTO shaft 1 3/4″ 35 740

Group “P” Platform (Pritschen / Aufbauten):

P11 Platform, 1475 x 1890 x 400 35 824

P17 Plarform, 1950 x 1890 x 400 35 065

P60 “X” frame, w/fenders, bushings, pins mountings 35 287 35 787

P61 Sub-frame for non-MB bodies 36 297

P70 Steel floor for platform inlieu of wood 35 606 35 606

Group “Q” Trailer couplings/Hitches (Anhngevorrichtung)

Q 11 Trailer coupling, repair kits, hardware 35 014

Q14 Trailer coupling, repair kits, hardware, reinforcement 35 365

Q34 Cross memeber, mounting bracket, hardware 36 021

Q40 Rear Cat. II/III agricultural hitch, rockshaft 35 224/01 35 879/01
hydraulic cylinders, hardware, pins

Q42 As above but with “Servotrak” wheel pressure system 35 224/02 35 879/02

Q90 Elimination of trailer coupling 35 314/02 35 314/04

Group “R” Wheels (Erstausstattung)
R17 Wheels 9.0 x 20, hub caps, wheel nuts, valve stems 35 858 35 858
brake bleeder screws for use with 10.5 x20 tires

R24 Disc wheels 11 x 20 for use with drum brakes 35 359

R24 Disc wheels 11 x 20 for use with disc brakes, 35 591
protective plates, front fenders, hardware for tires
12.5 x 20, 14.5 x 20, 12.5R20, 14.5R20 335/80R20,
365/80R20 various ply ratings

R26 Disc wheels 11 x 20 for tubeless tires 12.5 & 14.5 35 858/02

R26 tail pipe used with tires on SA 35 858/02 35 642

R26 Wide front fenders and mud guards 53 975

R30 Wheels, 11 x 20 SDC, multi piece, side ring, cover ring 35 858/07
seal ring, wheel nuts for 12.5R20 16 & 22PR, 14.5R20 18PR
R38 Wheels and parts for 22-20 sand and turf tires 35 315

Group “S” Cab & Furnishings (Fahrerhausausstattung)

S03 Co-drivers seat, adjustable w/ framework & backrest 53 954

S05 Hydraulic floating drivers seat 53 952
53 993

S11 Two man co-drivers seat, with folding backrest, handle in cab 53 474/05
above left door, PTO shift lever for use with S11 seat 35 785/14

S12 Two man co-drivers seat w/ fixed back rest 53 474/01

S18 Seats covered in OD vinyl in lieu of cloth 53 982

S21 Retractable seat belts for drivers seat and bench seat 53 483

S25 Winshield compund glass for USA 53 463 53 473

S26 Heated windshield, 12v & 24v, compound glass 35 513 53 473

S26 Relay, switch, electrical cable, 30amp circuit breaker 35 965

S31 Air windshield wiper (J.I.Case) 35 512/03

S35 Windshield washer, switch, pump, reservior,etc 35 548 53 484

S35 Windshield washer switch, bulb, lens, cap 12v 35 965

S45 Sun visor for co-driver 53 485

S48 Sliding rear windows, hardware, glass etc 53 475

S91 Elimination of windsheild (w/open cab) 35 419/03

S92 Elimination of sun visor (w/open cab) 35 419/05

S93 Elimination of side windows (w/open cab) 35 419/02

Group “T” Spare wheel and carrier (Reserve-der):

T04-T05 Spare wheel carrier under cab/platform 35 238 35 238

T07 Spare wheel carrier on platform 35 119

T17 Spare wheel 9 x 20 for 10.5×20 tires (disc) 35 360/01 (drum) 35 360/05

T17 Spare wheel 9 x 20 for 10.5 x 20 tires 35 817/13

T24 Spare wheel 11 x 20, for tires 12.5/14.5 x 20 (disc) 35 592/03
(drum) 35 360/02

T26 Spare wheel, 11 x 20 for tires 12.5/14.5×20, tubeless 35 817/12

T30 Spare wheel, 11 x 20 w/side ring, cover ring, “o” ring seal 35 817/25
offset valve stem, for tubeless 12.5/14.5 x 20 tires, and radial
equivalents: 335/80R20. 365/80R20 etc.

T53 Wheel extenders for agricultural use 35 306

Group “U” Mounted equipment (Pritschenausstattung):
U42 Rear fenders, left & right, brackets 35 612

Group “Y” Accessories and tools (Zubehr):
Y20 Service kit, w original delivery only 18 317/04 12 269
35 361/09 18 317/08
35 361/02
35 361/18

Y64 Underfloor protective coating 35 437 35 437

Group “Z” Special options/versions (Sammelcode):

Z20 Special parts for vehicles for USA (drum brake) 35 420/02
(disc brake) 35 420/18
Items for MB4/94 (U900) shown on SA 35 420:
Brake hose assemblies (also see chassis fiche
6 mm lines and fittings for ALB valve
Fuel tank cap, “DIESEL”, Lockable
Exhasut muffler, tail pipe
Flasher unit and brackets for turn signals
Switch, 4-way falshers
Switch assy, turn signal, horn, high-low beam
Tailights (German version)
Reflector, rear, red with bracket
Electric trailer plug socket, 12 v, EU 7-pin version
English language marker decals for fuse box
Electric cable connector assemblies
Electric cable bushings, covers, pins, housings for upper/lowere lamp connectors
Electric side relector/markers , front and rear

Type plate: “Regulations of USA”
Fender, LH (up to chassis 030375)
Door handle, LH w/keys
Safety catch for engine hood
Bracket for safety catch
Head light assemblies (german version)
Front turn signals (German version)
Brackets for flashers

Z20 Sound & heat insulation (also see code F50) 35 708

Z20 Switch for decreasing braking force (drum brakes) 35 804

Z68 Preservation for ocean shipment 39 725 39 725

Z80 Injection equipment, timing pointer, injection 18 585/02
pump, double fuel filters, connection heater hose
to engine:

Code Z98 This is the code for “build per specified versions”. Many items that later became
series production, or a standarized option first showed up as Z98 items. On
older units these options will be listed under this heading, by SA version.

Items listed as Z98 options on MB4/94 (U900):

4 hydraulic connectors front (see also H70, H71) 35 227/08
Additional high mounted headlamps (see also L47) 35 229/05
Vertical air intake pipe ( see also M60, M66) 35 249/02
Dry air cleaner assy w/ restriction indicator 35 249/05
Additional gearbox (see also code G12) 35 449/13
Transmission rubber covering (see also code N16) 35 453/16
Elimination of rear view mirror 35 483/10
Transmission w/ PTO for Hyd. pump (see also N16) 35 721/05
Fast PTO, 3000rpm, for hydrostatic pump 35 744/02
Double clutch assembly (see also code G45) 35 814/07

Items listed as Z98 options on type 424, U 1200 Unimogs:

Rear fenders, LH & RH w/bracket and chain for chock 35 362/11
Bracket for rear PTO 1 3/4″ shaft bearing 35 740/02
Transmission assy, fast PTO gear, switch, seal, shaft etc. 35 925/05
Air hoses, 11 x 8, 8×6, fittings, ferrules, sleeves, banjo ftgs 36 083/01
Fast PTO control valve, switch, cable, hose 6×4, instrument lamp 35 957/01
Hydraulic jack 4T 35 928/11
Cab holding fixture, RH step, mountings, rubber caps 36 170/01
Adjustable seat for co-driver, w/framework and backrest 53 954/02
Cab reinforcement, body shell, rear panel, front cross member 53 958/01
roof rails, hinges, side reinforcements, pillars

For Type 424, U 1200 Unimogs with optional torque converter:

Cardan shaft from engine to transmission 35 749/04

Flywheel and ring gear, 8 bolts, follower disc, hydraulic clutch 35 948/02
converter housing, solenoid, gears and housing for pump, drive
shaft, stator shaft, clucth pressure plate, disc and slave cylinder

Oil cooler, hose assemblies 22mm (from oil cooler to converter) 36 017/01
oil temp sending unit, warning lamp in instrument panel, electric
cable, brackets, fittings and hardware

Flywheel housing, rubber mountings, 36 mm screw plug 81 333/31

Flywheel and ring gear, 8 flywheel mounting bolts, follower disc 82 816/20



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