EICSB105 – Pertronix Ignitor Installation

An excellent addition to the Military distributor is the installation of the Pertronix Ignitor or “Electronic Points.” We highly recommend you spend the 8 minutes to watch this demo prior to install.


  • 1. Remove the Distributor Cap (leave wires attached).
  • 2. Remove rotor and points.
  • 3. Unscrew the shielded lead from coil to distributor, and remove (you will need to unloosen the set screw that holds the green wire).
  • 4. Remove the 17mm distributor fitting.
  • 5. Drill the distributor fitting with a 7/32″ drill bit, and re-install.
  • 6. Remove the Ignitor from the box. Take the “half moon” blank and install it into the distributor where the points use to sit.
  • 7. Install the Ignitor module on top of the “half moon” blank and secure it with the provided screw.
  • 8. Take your wire cutters and cut 1/4″ off of each of the black and red wire ends (this is so it will be easier to push through the distributor fitting and through the wire covering).
  • 9. Take the red wire and route it under the condenser wire and out the distributor fitting.
  • 10. Take the black wire and route it under the condenser wire and out the distributor fitting.
  • 11. Take one of the rubber wire grommets and spread the center apart (really small needle nose pliers work great for this) and push both the red and black wires through. Push grommet all the way down until it seats in distributor fitting.
  • 12. Take the wire shielded cover and remove the green wire. Push the shielding towards the center and expand it (think of Chinese Handcuffs). Now take the red and black wires together and feed them through the shielding. I find that turning the shielding in a circle as I feed the wires through works well.
  • 13. Tighten down the distributor end of the wire shielding, and pull the shielding back to its normal size.
  • 14. Measure up the shielding 2 – 3 inches and using the pointy nose pliers make an opening in the shielding and pull the red wire out through the shielding.
  • 15. Take the second rubber grommet and slide over the black wire and up into the wire shielding. Strip 1/4″ of wire and crimp on Spade Terminal provided in Hardware Pack. I also use a piece of heat shrink to hold the grommet tight to the wire shielding.
  • 16. Attach spade connector to coil.
  • 17. Measure 4″ – 7″ on the red wire and cut. Strip off last 1/4″ of wire. Unscrew INPUT side of radio noise suppressor, and attach red wire at this same point.
  • 18. Take the round inductor magnet and line up the lobes and press onto distributor main shaft. This may push on very tight, just make sure you are lined up with the lobes.
  • 19. Take the rotor and remove 1/8″ off the bottom. THIS MUST BE DONE. If it is not done the rotor will not seat all of the way down on the distributor shaft. I prefer to use a stationary belt sander in order to shorten my rotors, although a bench grinder will also work.
  • 20. Install the rotor and put the distributor cap back on. Time the engine.
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